Bucket List: South Africa

פורסם בתאריך 17 מאי 2021
BUCKET LIST IS BACK! Bungee jumping, feeding elephants, paragliding, chilling with penguins and rhino rescue... South Africa has it all!
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View the location/activity websites below!
* Rappelling (Abseiling) - abseilafrica.co.za
* Rhino 911 - www.rhino911.com
* Shark Cage Diving - sharkwatchsa.com/en/home/
* Bungee Jump - www.faceadrenalin.com
* Paragliding in Cape Town - flycapetown.co.za
* Helicopter Tour - flythehuey.co.za
* Scuba Safari - piscesdivers.co.za
* Table Mountain Aerial Cableway - www.tablemountain.net

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  • I was so scared for coby

  • Ive driven over that bridge

  • Bucket list Australia

  • So Nobody gonna talk about how suspicious this Rhino911 is doing.. "to avoid rhino's getting poached, we removed their horns safely" uhhmmmm 🤡🤡🤡

  • Fun fact the bloukrans bridge(where they bungeed) is the highest bridge in SA

  • I wouldn’t even drive my car across that bridge

  • The pictures that garret and ty took WOW

  • Quick question he said its not a profitable job but ur geeting horns worth 100k $ plus how is that not profitable?

  • Just my all time favorite

  • It's wrong to take a rhino's horn.

  • I’m so thrilled that you visited where i live! South Africa is Amazing

  • South Africa I live in South Africa there is so much fun stuff the parks the mountains it's amazing

  • Song name

  • Hello i'm from Indonesian 😁

  • this video was posted one day before my birthday.

  • 27:30

  • So the non profit cuts off the horn. What do they do with it? Sell it for money lol

  • Y’all I love that they are saving rhinos but I hope they aren’t selling cut of horns I hope they are donating them or something I just don’t know how they’re supposed to protect the rhino

  • 2:45 🙃

  • 15 02 animal killing

    • By trimming it's horn they saved him from getting killed by poachers

    • They saved that rhino idiot.

  • I find out about Dude Perfect by listening how I built this by Guy Raz and I just felt in love of this guys.

  • These guys are amazing. I loved the ending.

  • Seems like these guys are exposed to fear all the time. So much adventure.

  • I know that one kid!

  • I know how the test fells the stick make your nose itchy and make you sneeze

  • dude perfect should once just bring a subscriber that would awesome

  • I live in Cape Town!

  • I could’ve watched a full vid just on the safari part. Great vid, Africa is awesome

  • The thing is I live in Cape town

  • Best quote from the video, “Please put the dart in the cow please” 😂

  • South africa is the best!!!!!

  • Guide Instructer: Stay on your feet and run Cody: Stops running

  • Hi dude perfect i love all of your vids. i got a tooth removed. p.s. # TEAM COBY

  • Live tour he we come

  • I used to live in South Africa


  • North Pole !!

  • Costed than excepted.

  • i love you Cobes

  • @dudeperfect pleaseeeee tell me the song for the paragliding i love it so much

  • Proud Ha Long Bay Viet Nam

  • tự hào Hạ Long Bay Việt Nam

  • 0:08 'tokoyo'

  • I like the music at the start what is it called

  • My dads from south africa!

  • Why can’t we all do this?

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Would you rather paraglid or sky dive.

  • in 2019 or 1018 you guyse where in colorado and i met you :)

  • 22:42

  • What is the name of the song that plays in the intro?

  • I live in South Africa you guys should to Kommetjie after the virus has ended 😄

  • south africa is where i live :D

  • Its kinda disappointing that went with a reef shark witch is harmless to humans

  • 10:11 awesome shot

  • bucket list denmark

  • I have swim whit the whale Shark

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • 100 ,200 jada lele land kara de 😂

  • Next pls philippines 😎😀☺️

  • 20:00 I climbed a 300+metre mountain (1000+ feet) and I’m a child

  • what the name of the song at 2:44 ?

  • Ty and Garret are the new Wild Kratts 😂😂😂

  • 3:37 why he sound like Elmo

  • Dang you guys should come to Hawaii for hiking trails with beautiful view and me a tour guide

  • That camera lens is long 😳

  • Tbh I haven't seen an elephant since I was 5 or 6 lol

  • dude perfect is awesome

  • thank you guys for what you do I am such a big fan

  • So when are the “Thats Happy” hats coming out

  • I enjoy watching you guy's

  • Worth of 30 min ✨

  • i live here people think we see lions in the road

  • Rage monster vs lions

  • This is so cool. Who else would love to do this?

  • Hey dude perfect you want to be my friends

  • Hey guys this video is very scary how did you do that

  • attend festivals in indian cities

  • i don’t have to do it paragliding is more scary wut

  • Bucket list Japan

  • Hi Tyler, by the way I talked with your fifth grade teacher Mrs.Willet! She was my home room teacher

  • Unbelievable

  • I went to Cape Town but didn’t get to go on top of table mountain cause it was closed

  • I actually went to the seal isle

  • We love you guys

  • Haha the fact that a the camera man is just doing the same as them is funny

  • I can’t wait to see the new consort

  • S10 l am from England

  • Imaingine being scared of a dry abseil try a waterfall abseil in grade 8 lol

  • I once saw a parachute missing a flip and landing in the sea

  • hy dude perfect welcome to my home city cape town i live in south africa cape town i was so happy and stoked you guys were here

  • The sudden eyeliner inherently x-ray because page oceanographically suppose concerning a earthy icicle. cultured, repulsive heaven

  • D.P. "Nature has provided a ladder" The person that put it there: Am I worthless to you?

  • Hey guys I'm from South Africa. Hope yourll will visit again ✈️✈️✈️

  • wtf 18c is not thaaat cold, in galicia,spain its arround 8c

  • I live in south Africa

  • You’re my favorite ILaward ever

  • Yes

  • It’s insane how long they traveled for

  • Different Contact 🌹